RIDDICK, the unrated Director’s Cut


Some of you have been asking for dish on this new cut of RIDDICK, available now on iTunes and dropping January 14 on DVD.  Well, the Director’s Cut is probably 8-9 minutes longer than the theatrical version.  The bulk of that time comes in two areas — several new scenes in the flashback sequence that shows how Riddick’s tenure on the Necromonger throne was a troubled and dangerous one (this includes a lot more of Karl Urban), and a new coda that sees Riddick returning to the Necro armada to seek out Vaako, the man he believes double-crossed him.  All told, we probably created 50 new VFX shots just for this extended cut.

BTW, I hate the cover art for RIDDICK: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION.  Someone should’ve run it by me first.


~ by davidtwohy on January 2, 2014.

8 Responses to “RIDDICK, the unrated Director’s Cut”

  1. thank you david for pushing for a director’s cut.
    50 new fx shots, wow!
    can’t wait to get my paws on it.
    loved the dog, the bikes & the monsters!

  2. I’m looking forward to the Director’s Cut and I hope that you’ll get to do the next story (Underverse!) within the next two years or so 🙂

  3. The Director’s Cut was indeed excellent – well done!
    The new ending placing us at the Threshold to the UnderVerse was especially awesome to see after all these years.

    Looking forward to RIDDICK: UnderVerse, hopefully sooner rather than later!

  4. I already have my own copy of the movie on Blu-Ray and absolutely loved the director’s cut version of the movie, so here’s so hoping that the next entry will come soon.

  5. The Director’s is cool (Only 8 minutes 😦 ). But the French version have a big problem they change the voice of Riddick, a big mistake. I don’t understand that choice, the french dubbing is very good In Pitch Black, Chronicles and Dark Fury, why change ? Do you have a role in the dubbing in another country ?

    • too bad the director’s cut version missed out on a commentary track, because I would’ve loved to hear David Twohy and a couple of the actors talk about their thoughts throughout the movie (much like how they did with the extended cut of “Chronicles”)

  6. Dear Mr Twohy, i would like to let you know, italian fans are not able to see your director’s cut of Riddick, here in Italy will be published just the theatrical version of Riddick! can you help us to bring the director’s cut in italy too! a loyal fan of you…

  7. here in Italy we are the only place in all the world who don’t have the possibility to buy the extended cut, why?

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