Cinecitta Sign 2

So here I am in Italy, checking out stage space at fabled Cinecittà Studios outside of Rome, this for a project I expect to shoot next year.  They have over 20 stages here, but the most impressive – for a few reasons – is “Teatro 5.”  Not only it is massive in size, but it’s also known as “Fellini’s Stage,” since the master shot “La Dolce Vita” and “8 ½” and “Casanova” and many other movies here.  It’s good to commune with the ghosts of greats once in awhile.

David Twohy outside Studio 5 at Cinecitta, Rome

The backlot is impressive, too, with a permanent Rome set.  Unfortunately, no real sets remain from “Ben Hur,” shot on this very ground in 1958.  But this wasn’t a bad proxy.

David Twohy on the Cinecitta backlot, Rome

Had dinner down on Via Margutta one night while in Rome, then took a stroll afterwards.  Ran unexpectedly into this on the side of a building.  It seems to mark Fellini’s home residence.  I took a whack at translating the script below but came up short.  Maybe some of you can do better.

Fellini Plaque, Wide

Fellini Plaque, Closeup


~ by davidtwohy on November 3, 2015.

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